Baseball & Softball Instruction

Our Philosophy

As of 12/15/19, Woodall Baseball Academy and Silver Sluggers Academy are officially merging!  We are the same company, but simplifying our brand to include our instruction, clinics, camps, and travel teams under one name of Silver Sluggers.

Starting 12/15/19 will be shut down.   All academy information on instructional programs and travel teams is on:


We take a 360° approach to learning the game of baseball. Players with a consistently high work ethic, an intense focus on preparation, and a true desire to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of baseball will give themselves the best chance for success. With these effort-based standards players possess more self-confidence, trust their skills, and are prepared to overcome pressure and adversity in competition.


We take instruction far beyond mechanics and basic drills. We take a 360° approach to teach players how to compete physically and mentally in games when it counts!  We teach advanced mechanics and drills with a simplistic approach so that players at all levels are comfortable with the instruction, yet challenged in workouts. We mentor players to continue developing skills after clinics by remaining accountable and coachable.

We teach an effective combination of drills and physical repetition, knowledge of mechanics and fundamentals, the mental approach to get the most out of practice and games, preparation, attention to detail, anticipation, and most importantly, the work ethic to earn our success on and off the baseball field.


Brad Woodall is the owner, and director of player and coach development at Woodall Baseball Academy.  Brad’s career includes 10 years as a professional player (Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs) and 4 years as coach (Tampa Bay Rays, Madison College).  As a 5-year major league pitcher, he was a part of one of the best pitching staffs ever assembled with the World Series Champion Atlanta Braves (1995).  Numerous current and future hall of famers shaped Brad’s playing career and coaching philosophy.