Great Players Make No Excuses

Sometimes you do not have a coach to put you through drills, or a team to practice with, or a teammate to play catch with.  Sometimes you do not have a lot of room to work.  Average players can find excuses everywhere.  Great players make no excuses. I recently saw one of our former players […]

Goal Setting For Baseball Players- Chapter 3

If you have followed the previous posts on goal setting, we have gone through the exercise of creating our three levels of goals (short, middle and long term goals). We also created a daily/weekly checklist to help us move closer to our goals…every day. Now we have hardest task of all. Committing to these goals […]

Goal Setting for Baseball- Chapter 2 of 3

If you read Chapter 1 of this series, you know that proper goal setting requires: Long range goals– Where you want to be at the end of the season Mid-range goals– Where you want to be at the beginning of the season or at the end of training seasons. And daily/weekly goals– Drills and any […]

Goal Setting for Baseball- Chapter 1 of 3

This is the time of year that people around the world set New Years resolutions for better habits and results in the coming year.  For baseball players, it is a great time to turn attention to the upcoming season, improve their skills and create great habits going into the season.   It is proven that […]

The Importance of Strength and Speed Training

Many young players spend countless hours developing their specific baseball skills, going to camps and clinics, individual training for hitting and pitching.  However, baseball skills training is only part of the equation for success.  One essential  aspect of becoming a successful baseball player is to dedicate significant time to athletic performance training (strength, speed and explosive movement).  We […]

Throwing Practice- Not Warming Up!!

If you go to any little league baseball complex and observe pre-game warmups, you may see a group of 12 players playing more fetch than catch.  Inaccurate throws and uncommitted catching result in sloppy games of catch, leading to inconsistent play on the field in practices and games. We learn quickly in college and professional […]

The Absolutes of a Great Swing

If you watch baseball games from little league to the major leagues, you see that hitters have a wide variety of stances from which to hit.  However, there are many common denominators in all good hitters.  Stances may be different, but the similarities in the moving parts of the swing are “non-negotiable” if a player […]

Blog Post – Catching & Balance

Blog Post #2: Balance Today we discussing balance for catching. Utilizing balance as a catcher is just as critical as receiving the pitch, because an unbalanced catcher can move a pitch from a strike to a ball. Ultimately, this causes the umpire to question a strike and possibly make a decision to call the strike […]