The Importance of Strength and Speed Training

Many young players spend countless hours developing their specific baseball skills, going to camps and clinics, individual training for hitting and pitching.  However, baseball skills training is only part of the equation for success.  One essential  aspect of becoming a successful baseball player is to dedicate significant time to athletic performance training (strength, speed and explosive movement).  We […]

Throwing Practice- Not Warming Up!!

If you go to any little league baseball complex and observe pre-game warmups, you may see a group of 12 players playing more fetch than catch.  Inaccurate throws and uncommitted catching result in sloppy games of catch, leading to inconsistent play on the field in practices and games. We learn quickly in college and professional […]

The Absolutes of a Great Swing

If you watch baseball games from little league to the major leagues, you see that hitters have a wide variety of stances from which to hit.  However, there are many common denominators in all good hitters.  Stances may be different, but the similarities in the moving parts of the swing are “non-negotiable” if a player […]

Blog Post – Catching & Balance

Blog Post #2: Balance Today we discussing balance for catching. Utilizing balance as a catcher is just as critical as receiving the pitch, because an unbalanced catcher can move a pitch from a strike to a ball. Ultimately, this causes the umpire to question a strike and possibly make a decision to call the strike […]

Blog Post – Catching & Duck Walks

Blog Post #1: Today we are going to discuss catching in general. This is a position that is consistently forgotten about by baseball coaches in practice and yet consistently depended in on games. This puts unfair pressure on the catcher and does not lead to good results in the game or high-pressure situations. When catchers […]

Are You Prepared for the “Game of Your Life”

Are You Prepared for the Big Moment? It is rare that we can enjoy the magnitude of a game 7 in the World Series. As we anticipate watching a big game like this as a young player, we often miss an opportunity to improve our ability to handle the pressure of the “game of your […]

Training for One Play: Deliberate Practice

TRAINING FOR 1 PLAY:  DELIBERATE PRACTICE In training for sports skills, there is productive practice and there is non-productive practice.  The right practice strategy could take a player from good to great.  If you were to watch a high-level tennis or basketball player train for competition, you will notice that they work in “blocks” or […]

Managing “Pressure” in Competition

It seems like each year there are certain athletes who come to the forefront and excel on the biggest stage in sports. In my career as a professional baseball player, I had the unique opportunity to be a part of some very pressure filled situations. I also had the luxury of witnessing some of the […]