Tips for Early Season Success

Tips for Early Season Success           Each year as we start the season, we have so many players come to us at Woodall Baseball Academy with concerns of not hitting or pitching up to expectations. Our early season struggles almost always come from a lack of timing and rhythm, or adapting […]

Managing “Slumps”- Part 1

We often talk to our players at Woodall Baseball Academy about ‘slumps” and how to manage them.  This is part 1 of a multi-blog series on how to deal with the inevitable slump during the season. The first thing to know as you go into the season is that you will have a time when […]

Bullpen Sequences for Pitchers

One aspect of the game that pitchers often struggle with is their ability to prepare for game situations in practice, or when warming up for games.  Young pitchers often do not take the time or develop the standards in their bullpen practices to truly prepare to get hitters out in games.  As pitchers, we must […]

Lessons from Hall of Famers

I had the very unique opportunity as a teammate of at least 4 current and future Hall of Fame players with the Atlanta Braves.  Being around Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Chipper Jones, Fred McGriff, and others along the way was like taking a 3-year PHD course in what it takes to be one […]

The Absolutes of Hitting

If you watch baseball games from little league to the major leagues, you know that hitters have a wide variety of stances from which to hit.  However, there are many common denominators in all good hitters.  Stances may be different, but there are similarities in the moving parts of the swing if a player wants […]

Put the WHY in Every Repetition

Have you ever seen a player hitting off of the tee or throwing a bullpen in a rapid-fire fashion, with little or no thought between reps?  Practicing like this is better than doing nothing, but we can do much better.  On the contrary, have you seen a professional or high level college hitter (or pitcher) […]

Changing Bad Habits to Good

We talk in our clinics and instruction at Woodall Baseball Academy about the goal of changing bad habits to good.  Some of the best coaches in the world in any sport feel that their primary job responsibility is that of  ‘Behavior Modification”. More specifically, if you can modify your practice behavior to make changes (in […]

Off-Season Training 5 Steps to Success

There are many differences between in season and off-season training.  During the season, it is difficult to make big changes in mechanics without compromising short-term performance. Off-season training is when you can really dig into mechanics and physical skills to take your game to the next level.   Many players fall short of their goals and […]