Goal Setting for Baseball- Chapter 1 of 3

This is the time of year that people around the world set New Years resolutions for better habits and results in the coming year.  For baseball players, it is a great time to turn attention to the upcoming season, improve their skills and create great habits going into the season.
It is proven that people who regularly make short and long range goals are more successful than those who do not.  It is also proven that setting goals (or resolutions) correctly and sticking to them is very difficult and the failure rate is very high.
Over the next month, our Silver Slugger players will practice setting effective goals and working to achieve them on a daily basis.  Below is our homework for this week.
By the end of this weekend, complete the following 2 Steps to establish our goals for the season.  
Step 1
Read the first two (goal setting) articles posted on our website at 
Step 2
Write down, in your Silver Slugger notebook (or your phone) this 3-step process to set goals for yourself this season.
  • 1 (Long Term Goals)
    • Write down 2 individual goals for the season, or what you would like to accomplish this season on the baseball field.
  • 2 (Checkpoint Goals)
    • Write down 2 individual goals (based upon your season goals) to achieve in the next 3 months to help you have success acheiving your season goals.
  • 3 (Daily Checklist)
    • Create a checklist of drills, fundamentals, or actions you can take every day to set you down the path to achieving your checkpoint and season goals.
    • This is the most important aspect of goal setting.  Our long term goals are hard to reach without a daily change in behavior that moves us down the path to positive results.
Completing these steps will set the foundation for success this season.  Chapter 2 will deal with tips and strategies to keep us accountable to our goals.
Thank you for reading-
Brad Woodall
Director of Coaching- Woodall Baseball Academy and Silver Sluggers Baseball
5- Year Major League Player (Braves, Brewers, Cubs)